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 We welcome our first NEW contributor for the new Millennium , VFRPilot.   Getting Wet in the tub wearing Green Baggy Army Pants and White Adidas Shirt VERY HOT!

 I am Scott., am 33 and live in Northeast Florida.  I am a wet fanatic and  also a motorcycle fanatic.  I ride a Honda VFR750F, and I am always looking for cool riding buddies or guys who are also into the wet look.  Lots of great places to get wet in NE Florida.  My favorite clothes to wear into the water are baggy jeans and cargo pants.  I like 'em large because they get real heavy and feel great!

Wet  picture contributor contact name and e-mail:

VFRPilot01.jpg through VFRPilot10.jpg by VFRPilot -     smpvfr@excite.com

VFRPilot1.jpg    VFRPilot2.jpg    VFRPilot3.jpg    VFRPilot4.jpg    VFRPilot5.jpg

VFRPilot6.jpg    VFRPilot7.jpg        VFRPilot9.jpg    VFRPilot10.jpg

New Pics from Scott - May 27th 2000


Im000034.jpg    Im000035.jpg    Im000036.jpg    Im000038.jpg    Im000039.jpg

Im000042.jpg    Im000043.jpg    Im000044.jpg    Im000045.jpg

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