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Part I - Instructions
[Purpose of this page]  [Precautions & Tips]  [Disclaimer]  [Adding your entry to this list]

Part II - Listings by place


[Western Australia ]

[Alberta] [ British Columbia ] [Ontario (Toronto)]  [Quebec (southern)]

Van Couver

United Kingdom (UK)
[London]  [Berkshire (Reading)]

United States of America (U.S.A.)
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Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is to provide an organized,  permanent online record of those who share an interest in swimming fully clothed and to allow said inviduals a means for getting in touch with each other for either the purpose(s) of meeting up in person or to exchange private communication and pictures via electronic methods.  This user-driven online list 

l be categorized by geographical region and will NOT work unless you, the user, mail in your entry.

Read this first for caveats, precautions to take, & tips BEFORE submitting an entry.

There are several issues worth mentioning before the "how to" is presented.  First, if you wish to remain an anonymous user OR do not want your real e-mail identity and name displayed here go and obtain an anonymous web-based e-mail address at one of the free mail sites on the Internet such as Hotmail, Iname, Yahoo, Rocketmail, or Usa.net. If you are a subscriber to an ISP such as AOL, IBM.NET, or Cox@Home, you may want to consider creating another profile/userid as these services allow you to do such at no additional charge to you.  For those inclined to chat in real time it is possible to obtain nifty utilties that allow you to do so for free as well as send files (in some cases).  One can also remain anonymous if they are so inclined.  For more information check out ICQ, AIM, PowWow or just visit the Wackywet Wet Chat room. from time to time.

Finally, if you actually decide to meet someone you met online face to face it is advisable to first meet in a public place and get to know them first BEFORE going anywhere with them.  If you have your own motor vehicle follow them in it and by all means let a third party know where you are going, generally speaking, and when you expect to return.  With this said, I personally, have never had a problem with anyone I have first met online for lunch and fully clothed swims.


Still, for legal purposes, it must be said that in no way am I, the webmaster, or the provider that hosts this web page are in no way responsible for any actions taken by you as a freely thinking individual or as a result of consulting these web pages.  Okay, I said it - let us move on if you are still interested, shall we? :-)

Procedure (How to add an entry)

This part is relatively easy.  Because I have not yet figured out how to allow you to submit your entries online it is currently necessary for you to manually e-mail them to me (hopefully from your anonymous account).  In your e-mail message please include your online handle (nick), a return e-mail address by which others can reply to you, and a blurb about your specific wet clothing interests as well as a listing of other interests you may have besides.  It would also be advisable for you to state your primary intent for posting (i.e. I want to privately trade wet clothing pictures OR meet up with others in my area who like to swim fully clothed).  You can also include a URL (link) to your home page if you want.  If you are into pictures, you can either e-mail me a pic either of yourself or a few samples from your collection as a means of promoting your own web site or encouraging private trading or snail mail them via postal mail to:  Chester Paul - P.O. Box 180316 - Coronado, CA 92178-0316.  If you want them back, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envlope.  Pictures are NOT a requirement for posting here - only include them if you want.  You can decide to include as much or as little about yourself as you choose; HOWEVER, please do NOT include sexually explicit ads seeking sex.  One thing this site is NOT is a dating service or meat market!  All entries will be kept confidential and I promise that I, myself, will NOT add you to any junk mail spamming lists myself as I dislike them as much as the next person.  If you have any further questions or concerns please do feel welcome to either privately share them with me or publicly post them to the 'Swimming Fully Clothed' web board.

NOTE:  This page will only work if you, the reader, send something in - otherwise, it will fail.

Now, to the listings below ...


*Western Australia*

- Perth -

Name:   John
E-Mail:  ausywetsuit06@hotmail.com 

Hi My name is John (Victor)

I am 49 years old (Straight) I started enjoying getting wet in suits at the age of 14.

I live in Rockingham in Western Australia, I moved here 12 years ago from the UK.  I have for a long time felt that I was one of a kind, I enjoy getting wet and dirty while in Business suits and tuxedos, I love the feeling of being wet, but now I know there are others like me, and would like to meet a lady or gentleman in the Perth Western Australia area to share this passion.

I like showering and bathing in Business clothes and Tuxedos, but would like to take it further in pools and streams.

Click on thumbnails below for a larger view.

John wearing a wet tux
. wet in a tuxLaying in the waterWet Victorvictor05.jpg

Added Monday August 14th, 2006 A.D.



Name:   Clay
E-Mail:   clay <cobetker@hotmail.com

Hi. My name is Clay and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I go by the user name "calgarymn".  I really get into getting wet in wranglers, cwby boots and anything else western.  I just bought some tall police boots and may consider getting wet in a motorcycle cop uniform as well.  Im a 41 yr. old GWM and would prefer to meet the same.  In the warmer months I get into streams, lakes, puddles etc, but as the winter months set in then * resort to showers.  I'm not looking for anything more than just to have some wet fun with like-minded individuals.

Added 10-20-04 A.D.

NAME:  "Wet_Cowboy"
E-MAIL:    wet_cowboy@yahoo.ca

Hi there... I am a straight white 42 year old male.  I love getting wet or muddy in anything western (Wranglers, cowboy boots, cowboy hat, belt, buckle, western shirt, jean jacket, chaps, vest).  I'm looking to meet a cowgirl in my area (Alberta) who's into the same.  Drop me an email at wet_cowboy@yahoo.com

Wet_Cowboy was added on Friday October 13th, 2006 A.D.

NAME:  "Heavy Ink"

Male into swimming fully clothed in western wear, shirt and tie and full leathers.  Looking for buddies for wet play in area.  Please send email to heavy_ink@yahoo.ca .  Thanks!

Added   06.13.2006 A.D.

*British Columbia*

* Namino *

NAME:  Mike
E-mail:   mikeylimey2005@yahoo.ca

Mike 49  in Nanimo b.c enjoy getting wet in just about any thing from suit and tie to jeans.  Would like to meet other guys for wet fun or e-mail chat.

Mike was added on Friday October 13th, 2006 A.D.

NAME:   "Shiny Wet Guy"


- Hi, My name is Bob and I go by the mentioned "Shiny Wet Guy" as I like getting wet fully clothed in dark blue Levis style denim jeans, dark blue jean jacket, cotton straight tailed button down shirt over a T, briefs, Nike type runners and socks.  Nike style nylon jackets or puffy lined ski type shiny look nylon jackets are also a turn on to me when lathered in soap.  The darker the denim/nylon colour, the brighter the shine.  I like swimming in ponds, pools, rivers, lakes, etc. while fully clothed.  I also like to relax in mud puddles, jacuzzies, or hot tubs fully clothed.  Even showers.  I like the sounds clothes make while emmersing and soaking, the cling/webbing, and the feel.  I would like very much to meet another like minded guy into the same.  I am a 47 y/o skinny GWM of approx.160lbs, rimless glasses over blue eyes, longish VERY straight brown (almost black) hair parted in the middle, gentle, and I am told I look in my early 30's.  I consider myself quite shy, quiet, and a

erness photographer at heart as I tend to be a loner.  I would never have thought about posting my wet interests such as this until I came across SFC.  I was always alone with my wet hobby since I was a child.

I don't wish for anything more then a good clean wet clothes fun time while being with another wet clothed minded guy, even though it sounds detrimental when I mention mud.  If there are any like minded guys out there, please contact me.  I am also a traveller with a truck and camper.  My logo: "Let's get shiny wet....Guy!!!"...

Added dated December 14th, 2000
Modified Monday October 25th, 2004 A.D.

*Montreal, Quebec*

Name: Moonsatellite
Real name: Étienne
E-Mail:  etienneveronneau@videotron.ca

Click on thumbnail below to enlarge

Photo #1  *  22.jpg  *  24.jpg

Love to meet guys with same interests:  fighting fully clothed on the edge of a pool, big splash in the water with any kind of clothes, having good time and relaxing with a guy fully clothed in a jacuzzi or under a shower.  Like to travel, very open minded, I speak French and English

Added 10-20-2004 A.D.


* Toronto *

AnthonyX - anthonyx@cgocable.net - http://www.cgocable.net/~r5810/wet.htm

I am 39, a single straight male interested in meeting women (not too far off
my own age) for shared wet-clothed experiences... preferrably local to the
western suburbs of Toronto Canada (my home).

My wet interests are primarily dressy... business suits or "dressy casual" -
fully clothed, including shoes. I like showers, am learning to swim... would
love to meet a woman (any age) who would like to help me learn to swim as a
shared wet clothing experience.

Learn more about me and my various interests (wet-clothing as well as
others) by visiting my website - "The Joys of Wet Clothing" at http://www.cgocable.net/~r5810/wet.htm Aded 07.17.1998 19:09 PST

Southern Quebec

Name:   The Underwater Stuntman
E-mail:   Alain@teamknightrider.com
URL:     http://www.geocities.com/Pipeline/5578
Age:     39


My main objective is to find a good place to swim when I travel. I used to travel a lot more but find nowadays that it's a lot simpler for me to stay close to home and enjoy my own brand of alternative swimming practices with minimal impact on the public at large. Ever try to ask a travel agent or a tourist bureau for the kind of entertainment I aspire to? My favourite outings are out in deeper waters wearing coveralls of various thicknesses, depending on temperature and conditions, from regular workwear to flight suits, racing suits and snowmobile suits. Often enough the helmet comes along for the ride, especially if a kayak or a waverunner is involved.

Added Saturday 12/12/1998 at 12:12 p.m.


Great Britian (England)


Name:  Wetsailor
E-mail:  wetsailor@geocities.com
URL:     http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Heights/4894

 Click on Thumbnail image to see a larger picture.

Guy who totally enjoys getting wet, etc in full gear such as Uniforms (Navy, Army, Cops, Security, etc); full denim (bikers, cowboys, construction, dungarees, etc); sports gear (football kit, tennis kit, etc) and likes to see others similarly dressed.  Would like to correspond with like minded guys.

Pix (see above) are of my new Cargo pants waiting for a wetting, and a sailor about to take a bath.

* London*

- North/East London -

NAME:  Wetwildboy (Steve)
E-mail:       Steve <wetwildboy08@fsmail.net>

edy@pal44.wanadoo.co.uk . edy@pal44.wanadoo.co.uk . edy@pal44.wanadoo.co.uk . edy@pal44.wanadoo.co.uk

edy@pal44.wanadoo.co.uk . edy@pal44.wanadoo.co.uk . edy@pal44.wanadoo.co.uk . edy@pal44.wanadoo.co.uk

Hi everyone,

My name is Steve and I live in North East London.  I'm 46, and would like to meet females with similar interests to myself.  This includes any kind of wet clothed fun, dancing, partying around the poolside, and clothed swims. going on holidays and short breaks.  Would also consider meeting straight male friends with regards to meeting females and arranging a fun pool party like on television and in the films.  Have also always wanted to go to a fancy dress type of slapstick party.  My other interest include playing badminton, tennis, football, & listening to music.  Would prefer to hear from people not too far from where I live, but can travel occasionally.

Steve was added on Friday October 13th, 2006 A.D.

Name:   LongSpeedos (Paul)
E-mail:  LongSpeedos@mcmail.com
URL:     http://www.geocities.com/WestHollywood/Park/3630

I like underwater fun and am very much into Lycra/Spandex (it feels so good when wet). I also like Speedo swim caps and goggles.  I love long Speedos (the type like cycling shorts).  Under my wet 501's I was wearing my long Speedos (see pix: pa42 & pa43 jpgs).  Please visit my web site to learn more about me and view more pictures like this.  Added 06/28/1998 A.D. PST

*Plymouth, Devon*

Name:   David
E-mail:   dave@allw.fsworld.co.uk     

 Click on Thumbnail image to see a larger picture.


I am a 47 year old male and moved from Reading, Berkshire, UK 4 years ago to Plymouth, Devon.  I would like to meet similar people male / female who like swimming in sportswear. Males for friendship only or females may be for more. I would also like to share photo's / chat with locals or overseas fans.
I like to wear many layers of sportswear when swimming and also like swimming with caps and goggles. I also like to wear swimsuits and bikinis with my sportswear, my typical swimming kit see photo above.

Added 10/17/2004 

* Swindon, wiltshire *

Name:   John
E-mail:   richard475@btinternet.com

URL:      http://swimmingfullyclothed.com/johnford/index.html

Yahoo ID:  wetjeansjohn

SUBJECT:  U.K. Guy Wanting Wet Buddys/Epals

I'm john 57 y/o living in swindon, wiltshire uk.  I love wet jeans.  I am lookng for wet buddys in UK and also epals any country, any age.  My photo gallery is at:


and my email is:


Please send me a email as I would love to hear from you

- John

Added Saturday December 11th, 2004 * Modified Tuesday November 1st, 2005 A.D.



*North Alabama*

E-mail:  dealwithit24@hotmail.com

swm 33, 5 10, 160, muscular athletic professional guy looking for similar guys 35 or under into getting wet fully clothed in tight jeans, suit and tie, singlets, tights, anything as long as it's fully clothed and the guy has a hot inshape muscular bod. north alabama.  Will definately travel if I find what I'm looking for.  My email is   dealwithit24@hotmail.com 


Name:  HotPieGuy (Jay)
E-mail:  Hotpieguy@aol.com
URL:    http://members.aol.com/Hotpieguy
"Hotpieguy" is into getting pied and wants to get dunked, and that I have done both to other guys.  email me at hotpieguy@aol.com Added 10/30/1998 A.D. PST



Name:   DWinPhx
URL:   http://swimmingfullyclothed.com/dwm/

Guy in his early 30's in Phoenix Arizona looking for either people to meet up with in person for wet fun like swimming in clothes or jumping in shower clothed or to do photo or video trades. I'm also into getting messy with food (not mud) especially pies. But if this doesn't interest you and you just like wet fun thats okay too. I have several rolls of film of myself wet (mostly pied) as well as several scenes of men on tv getting wwet/messy/pied available for trading. I've yet to find anyone local with the same interests and would be ecstatic to find someone but given the lack of such im always happy to do pix/vid trades as well!!  Gimme a guy - splash him with water or hit him with a pie and i'm happy! Waiting to hear from you!"      

Updated Monday October 25th, 2004 A.D.

Added Wednesday November 18th, 1998 11:00 p.m. PST


* Los Angeles*

Name:    Wadizer
E-Mail::   wadizerwet@yahoo.com

I'm a 30 year old guy, in the Los Angeles area, looking to hook up with other guys who are interested in getting wet with clothes on. I like swimming or getting muddy in jeans and a dressy or sports shirt. Shoes, jackets, etc. are great but not essential. I'm in good physical shape and just want to have some wet fun!

Name:   Scott
E-mail:  SSTaple@hotmail.com

Greetings, my name is Scott and I am located in both PA and Los Angeles.  I am interested in anything fully clothed and willing to be adaptable.  Would like to e-mail others with interest with no strings attached.

My requisite stats are 29 yr. old...6 feet...195 lbs...blue eyes/ brown hair.

I am into anything fully dressed, but my preference is, I don't care what you wear so long as it includes dark socks.  I am also interested in u/w bondage, but more as a voyeur than practicioner.

If you want to learn more  -   e-mail me.  Ask what you want, as I deem nothing too personal. Added Friday June 11th, 1999 at 7:00 p.m. PST

NAME:  Kevin
E-Mail:      kevin62862@att.net

My name is Kevin ; Live in the Silverlake Area of LosAngeles California (USA) Im a 40 year single Male who likes to be Wet and or Muddy Fully Clothed; Prefer 501 Jeans' Black Sneakers DarkBlue or Black Tea Shirt; White Fruit of the Loom Underpants; White Soaks;Indoors and or Out Door Fun; Like to meet other Men who are like Minded ; I can be reached at kevin62862@att.net

Added January 16th, 2008 A.D.

Name:   Trevor
E-mail:  NylonTrackSuit@aol.com


Hi...I'm a 21 year old male, looking for another boy around my age who likes
       swimming fully clothed.  I love getting wet in anything nylon - tracksuits,
       bubble jackets, windpants, and I like wearing white socks with the nylon
       outfits.  If anybody out there is interested in meeting me for wet fun just
       email me sometime.  Can't wait to hear from ya!

Added November 25th, 2000

* Van Nuys*

Chester at park fountain
Name:  Chester

E-mail:  shirtsleever@gmail.com
URL:    http://waterclothes.com/wds/

 I am a thin, 150 pound, 34 year old guy who likes to swim fully clothed in a comfortable long sleeved button up shirt and slacks.  I am open to meeting up with and going for a fully clothed swim with other men.  

Entry updated 10.17.2004 18:00 PST

*San Diego*



Hello everyone. I am a 49 year old male looking for females of any age or size that would like to get wet with me.  I am in sunny San Diego, California and am able to get wet any time of the year. The weather here is fantastic.   We can go to the beach, or a lake, or a pool.  Everything is possible here.  I love being wet.  It is best when fully clothed, including shoes.  I am a licensed pilot, so I could come to you.  If it is not too far.
I am secure in my job.  I have been there for over 20 years now.  Good pay and great benefits.  If you like having fun in wet clothes, then I am your man.  Contact me at:     c172man2003@yahoo.com

Entry added Monday August  8th, 2005 A.D. at  01:30 hours

* San Francisco *

Name:  Cowboy Jim
E-mail:  hesabigmess@msn.com

A dry photo of Cowboy Jim

Stats: Age 44 5'11" Slim
Likes: Any wet and messy you have, outdoor, levis, uniform, suit, enjoy tight

Added Tuesday March 21st, 2006

Name:  Fur
E-mail:    fur@lickmale.com

I'm looking for messy play of all sorts, but expecially involving food.  Tend toward bottom in this activity, but can switch, or do it mutually.  I'm a 39 yo hairy chested bearded bear, stocky, but with muscular legs from hiking. Walk up twin peaks three or more times a week with ease. Open to play with all ages and body types, but must play out, and in a reasonably transit accessable location.  Safe play a must, otherwise I'm easy going, and open to all sorts of fun nasty ideas you may have.

Name:  Wet501sSF
E-mail:  Wet501sSF@aol.com

Tall, sexy GWM in Northern CA.  Responsible working adult during the week but would love to spend time with  masculine, like minded studs on the  weekend!  I have a total fetish for masculine, blue collar clothing.   I have a MAJOR  fetish for Levis 501's, jockstraps, tight white t-shirts plus a  belt and boots - love the look and feel of being dressed like  that and you can  get me as wet as you want too!   Plus dress shirts, flannel shirts or uniform shirts, jeans jackets, etc etc. Totally into getting wet fully clothed in showers, pools, hot tubs, puddles, streams, lakes, the ocean -  open to many ideas!

Occationally even go dancing in my wite tee and watch  it get soaked with sweat!  I'm 6'2, 195 lbs - in great shape, work out all  the time!  33 inch waist, 45 inch chest, brown hair, facial hair, blue  eyes, 47.  Safe only  Open to having someone photograph me for this  site!   Looking for in shape, masculine guys, any age and race.  Travel to other US cities on occasion.   Interested?  Please email!

Wet Guy in SF
E-mail:  citron88@yahoo.com  
URL:    http://swimmingfullyclothed.com/citron88/

I am a gay Asian guy in San Francisco and looking to hook up with other guys who like getting wet with clothes on.  Any kind of clothes is fine. My stats are 5'10", 145#, 39y/o.

If you are interested, e-mail me. I have some face pics to trade. Let's get wet together!

Added 10.17.2004 A.D.


*Fort Lauderdale*

Name: Rick
E-mail: oceans@netzero.net

I live in Ft lauderdale . There are plenty of bars with pools here, and I would love to get pushed in on in front of everyone. . If any of you would like to help me out let me know. By the way, I've seen alot of people swim in the ocean at night.. Even in their underwear.. If anyone is in Ft Lauderdale get in touch. or if you will be in town.. Added on Sunday 03/28/1999 17:00 PST


* Ludowici *

Name:    chopblocker

Hello my screename is _chopblocker638@aol.com_
(mailto:chopblocker638@aol.com)  and would  like to get involved in public clothed swimming.  I am 26 years old.   Now that I see on the internet there is a lot of people doing this it doesn't  seem as weird as I thought when I first saw how much fun it is compared to  the usual swimming in a bathing suit. 

My preference is just being comfortable and relaxed in a pair of blue jeans and a T-shirt.  I am living  in a small town in rural Georgia called Ludowici and would like to try to meet  for clothed swims.  The YMCA near my home doesn't encourage fully clothed  swimming because it damages the pool water chemistry.  I also enjoy  watching football, working out, fishing, and playing  cards.

Entry added Tuesday February 1st, 2005 A.D. at 12:21 a.m. PST

Name:    Scott
E-mail:   slaflex@aol.com

Hi.  My name is scott.  I am 42, 5' 9", and athelic in build.  I live in Atlanta, have returned to school part-time, and am working on my bachelor of fine arts degree.  I would be interested in meeting other individuals in this area who also enjoy swimming fully clothed.  When the summer months arrvie here in Atlanta, it gets pretty hot in the city so I usually take a day trip up to one of the mountain lakes for a swim.  I enjoy wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt over it.  Sometimes, if it is a spontatious deccison, it will be whatever I am wearing at the time.  This is most often the case.  If you are interested in meeting up and getting to know each other, drop me a line.  I also take trips down to Florida, as that is where I had lived for 13 years and I miss taking long walks on the beach, and of course, there were many opportunities to play hooky from work and run to the ocean for a fully clothed swim.  I would enjoy having someone who would be interested in tagging along for a weekend.
My e-mail address is slaflex@aol.com

Entry added Monday February 14th, 2005 A.D. 2:13 a.m. PST

Name:   Tom
E-mail:  shoe_sx@yahoo.com

I am currently living in Raleigh, NC, but will be moving to the Atlanta metro area at the end of March.  I am looking to meet other like-minded individuals living in or regularly visiting Atlanta and environs to share our mutual interests.  My stats… 49yo GWM TOP; 5"10, 215# SP Hair, Blue/Gray eyes; no facial hair, no tats or piercings.  Into footwear (western, biker and motorcop boots, dress shoes), Business Suits, younger Asian and Hispanic men.  Any or all of these involving WET play is a plus!  If you would like to connect, please respond privately to my email address


and let's begin a dialog.

Entry added Sunday March 20th, 2005 A.D.


Name:   Capt Mike
E-mail:  mikefromandover@webtv.net

My age is 35, my weight 135,  5'11" non-smoker.  I like showering fully clothed 7 days a week,  polyester and spandex and socks and sneakers and shoes too, and I like playing in lakes and ponds and some mud fully clothed.  I love it finally I am no longer alone !   I  live in Andover Mass :=)   p.s.  I am very wet=)

November 25th, 2000

New Hampshire

Name: Kmonty
E-mail:  kmonty

 kmonty@banet.net wrote:

Thank you for this site!  Since I was a very young boy, I thought my behavior was strange in that I enjoyed being in wet clothing.  Discovering this website, and that there are many many other guys like myself are out there, has lifted a burden from my shoulders.   Viewing the photos, stories, and messages every evening this past week has been therapeutic, entertaining, and enlightening.   I AM ONE OF THE HAPPIEST MEN today!   I have always felt so good in wet jeans and T shirt,and have enjoyed seeing photos of others (especially in magazine ads, movoes etc).   I used to collect them, had many of the ones you have posted but I "tossed" them away over the years when I thought something was wrong with myself.   Wish I could meet other guys like myself.....especially in the Northeast, USA.  Would love to at least correspond by EMail. Thanks again so much,

 KMonty45@aol.com or Kmonty@banet.net

 Added March 12, 2000 at 6:00p.m.


   * Dayton *

 Name:   Richard
 E-mail: darkjediknt@yahoo.com

Hello, My name is Richard.  I am 31 and have always
loved swimming and taking a shower with my clothes on
that includes shoes as well!!!  I am 5'8" and a big
guy...please don"t ask how big?? :)  I live in Dayton,
Ohio and I am totally "straight".  I would like the
opportunity to get to know and meet those who share
the same passions that I do.  I would love to get a
group of guys together to just chill and hang out.  My
email is darkjediknt@yahoo.com Thanks and happy
Added Saturday February 26, 2000  2:00pm.


NAME:    Wet Clothed Child
E-MAIL:  wetclothedchild@soakingwetchild.net
URL:        http://flickr.com/photos/wetclothedchild2006

I've enjoyed the wetlook ever since 9 or 10 yrs. old. but never really got into it until about 18 yrs of age.  I live in Waverly, Ohio USA and I am looking for a modeling job as a wetlook male model.  I almost got into Artbase but struck out there  so I'll either keep looking for one outside the USA since the USA doesn't do that kinda stuff here! or start my own modeling agency for both men and women models.

Added Friday November 3rd, 2006 A.D.


Name:  Dave
E-mail:     pittman79@yahoo.com

I'm 27, live in the eastern part of PA.  Love getting wet in baggy cargos/jeans, shirts, hoodies stuff like that.  Looking to chat with or maybe meet up with guys that share the same interests.

- Added Friday September 1st, 2006 A.D.

Name:   Joe
E-mail:   Click here to send mail

I like swimming in levies jeans, white socks, boots or hi top athletic shoes (Clasic Reebox hi tops) and a T-shirt.   Sometimes, I like to wear my jean jacket.  I have a heated pool that I use in the summer and a blow up pool in the winter.   I also use my bathtub. Am from the Phila PA. area.
- Added Thursday 01/14/1999 A.D. at 12:05 a.m. PST

Name:   Scott
E-amil:  SSTaple@hotmail.com

Greetings, my name is Scott and I am located in both PA and Los Angeles.  I am interested in anything fully clothed and willing to be adaptable.  Would like to e-mail others with interest with no strings attached.

My requisite stats are 29 yr. old...6 feet...195 lbs...blue eyes/ brown hair.

I am into anything fully dressed, but my preference is, I don't care what you wear so long as it includes dark socks.  I am also interested in u/w bondage, but more as a voyeur than practicioner.

If you want to learn more  -   e-mail me.  Ask what you want, as I deem nothing too personal. Added Friday June 11th, 1999 at 7:00 p.m. PST



Name:   Puddles
E-mail:  dcweuber@yahoo.com

BiWM, into wet and messy fun of all kinds, with men or women...includes water(swimming,squirt gun fights,balloons...) food,mud or most any gunge you can think of...i play fully dressed and nude.... my friends call me Puddles...i love to run thru rain/mud puddles ater a rain storm...come see me in Houston. Write to dcweuber@yahoo.com Added Friday June 11th, 1999 at 7:00 p.m. PST 

Name:   Zakdork
E-Mail:  dorzkak@etex.net

I like getting wet in suits and ties. Looking for same to get wet with. I am from east Texas and would like to find other males with same interests. 18-43.

Added Monday August 14th, 2006 A.D.

Washington state


Name:   wetErikZ

E-mail:  ErikZem@aol.com

Hello....I'm wetErikZ
   I have enjoyed getting wet with all my clothes on since age 6  or 7 (I'm 32 now).  I would like to meet females who would like to get their  clothes wet with me near the Tacoma, Washington USA area.  Not specificly for  romance purposes (although that would be OK with me).  I would just like to meet someone who loves the look and feel of wet clothes as much as I do.  Jeans and t-shirts are my favorite, but getting  dressed up real nice to get wet is fun too.  I basicly like to go in the water  with anything NOT intended for getting wet. 

I'm a  straight male, 32 years old, blonde/blue.  Also anyone who would like to exchange pictures of women in the water with clothes on,  Please e-mail  me.  Contact me at

_ErikZem@aol.com_ (mailto:ErikZem@aol.com) .


* Madison *

Name:     Jim
E-mail:   Jimhmadison@webtv.net

Photos located at:  http://swimmingfullyclothed.com/jimmadison

My name in Jim and I am 27 years old.  I live in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.  I love wet tee shirts and Levis.  Even old ripped Levis, soaking wet!  I enjoy swimming during the summer months in the Wisconsin River wearing my favorite white soaked tee shirt, jeans and sometimes kakis.  I am looking for guys near my age or younger for sharing swims and swaping wet clothes.  I am blonde with green eyes, 5'11"-145# and smooth.  I work out alot because I like muscle under my clinging wet tee shirt and jeans.  I am looking for a buddy to play one-on-one tackle football in the river and to explore new ways and ideas to maximize our interests!   Added Sunday May 9th, 1999 A.D. at 10:36 p.m.PST

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