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Press  date:  27 February 2006
Title: TA: Got a Fetish? Google YouTube

Fetish Videos Land on Family Entertainment Website 'You Tube' Splashing into fountains or pools on a whim as lovers or children do, or removing your shoes in public may not seem reason enough to grab a video camera and click 'record,' unless the filmmaker's eye has a motive.

To some viewers, the ever cliche "children playing in water on a hot day" scene is fair game for fetish websites. Same too for a man resting his 'dogs' on a public park bench after a hard day's work...voyeurs are watching with mini-cams rolling in order to share your experience with their communities online.

You may be doing nothing sexual or erotic...but to the filmmaker's community...your actions tap into his or her sexual fetish.

The United States government is subjecting websites, which specifically host pornographic content, to new decency rules handed down by the Department of Justice. The government's efforts against website pornography are aimed at: Protecting under-aged viewers from both seeing the content and from being seen in the content. Their next aim was the fetish community.

The White House went so far as demanding from search engine company Google Inc., to turn over keyword searches to federal agents in order to find sexually explicit websites they may have missed with standard words of sexual play. Google declined the White House's request.

But there is more to sexually explicit material than the "obvious" on or offline, which is what the White House was attempting to pin-down. And the new venue for fetish pornography is only a click away from the family's home computer...for free.

Website 'You Tube,' youtube.com, launched one year ago in February 2005 as a consumer media company for which anyone could share videos using a simple, compressed format online. YouTube says it serves up 15 million videos each day and registered users upload 20,000 videos per day.

"YouTube also reserves the right to decide whether content or a user submission is appropriate and complies with these Terms of Service...such as, but not limited to, pornography, obscene or defamatory material."

---You Tube Policy Statement

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