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Wetlook refers to the act of getting wet while wearing clothing, and having fun either in doing so or in watching others do it. To many, it is a sexual fetish, where pleasure is derived from observation (often of one's lover) as well as getting wet oneself, but other people enjoy getting wet themselves for entirely non-sexual reasons, such as a social  hobby.  For example, wetlook could involve swimming in clothes, taking a clothed shower or bath (especially with a lover), etc. Although it may seem to be a strange thing at first glance, there are quite a lot of people who like it; there are many sites dedicated to Wetlook on the Internet.

The phrase "to each his own" applies to Wetlook. Different people prefer to get wet in different kinds of clothing and in different places. Certain well-known preferences for clothing, at least from a sexual perspective, include business suits, dresses and other formal wear, and denim, jeans particularly. For those who engage in it for the fun of it, normal wear is often T-shirts and shorts or jeans, or for girls at clothed pool parties, normal party wear.

In most cases, there are two reasons why people like wetlook. Firstly, wet clothes change their shape and color, clinging to the body and becoming shiny or transparent; this partly reveals the body shape while still covering it, which some people find erotic and teasing.  It can also be sensual to the wearer, and some people enjoy it more for how it feels. It is
written in fiction that some women find wearing wet clothes to be very sensual; this would appear to have factual basis as a girl known by one of the contributors of this article certainly has had that experience. More on this is discussed under wet and messy fetishism.

Secondly, swimming in clothes can be nonconformant. By doing so, people express pleasant feeling of freedom and openness. It carries a positive regressive feel, of doing something that you know you shouldn't be doing and are probably too old to be doing, and enjoying it.

Some people engage in wet activities privately, either alone or with friends and lovers in the bathroom or garden pool, but others do it publicly in places such as public swimming pools (where permitted). Some countries in Europe have quite a thing for clothed pool parties it seems,  Germany and Switzerland in particular. Another fun way to get wet in
public is of course dunk tanks at public events. There are always natural bodies of water to play in, too, and rivers, streams and waterfalls.

Some people like seeing others underwater; whereas wetlook generally requires you to be above water for hair and clothes to look wet, some people are happy with the drifting effects on clothes and hair underwater; this can involve people being naked, in swimwear or in normal clothes.

Some people like to cover or immerse themselves in other substances, such as mud, oil, paint, shaving foam etc., usually also in clothes. These activities are called wet and messy (WAM). Generally speaking, the term WAM does not tend to consider the "wet" part to be wet as in clean water, or it simply disregards it all together: WAM is treated to mean
messy only.

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