TITLE:   What is Wetlook? Fetish, cultural movement or hobby?
URL:      http://web.archive.org/web/20041126173752/http://mitglied.lycos.de/tobiasfindeisen/klamottenbadene.htm
DATE found:  April 2nd, 2006
NOTE:  The above link contains only a rough English trasnlation.

There are hunderets of Wetlook Websites on the Internet. Most of them treat Wetlook in an erotic way. Some of then are gay- related. Only few of them are based on communication and informations. Most Wetlook sites have a fetish character.

But there are some Wetlook sites, wich don't want to be understood as fetish sites.  Nasse Klamotten or NJCO, e.g. offer an information and communication basic for all guys who are (for what reason ever) interested in wet clothing. These reasons have not always erotic an character!

If you refere on polls in the Wetlook World Chat Forum and in the NK magazine, you can see, that those who enjoy Wetlook for erotic reasons like to get wet, but prefere to watch others getting wet. This is not the same at all Wetlook fans: Especially in the german Wetlok scene you can see, that Wetlook is understood as a kind of hobby. Manys of them like to get wet together with their Wetlook fellows, but not for the reason to watch others getting wet..

You can easyly compare this kind of Wetlook fans with some other cultural movement: Though in the most countries, bathing naked is forbidden and in the most western countries it is at least a kinda filthy, it is established in the Netherlands, Denmark or Germany as a cultural movement. The nudists feel more free and natural beeing swimming naked and enjoy
the advantage of getting brown seamless. They don't have any sexual background.

Maybe this comparison is a bit daring, but is is a fact that the clothed swimmers pretend that they feel free if they are not forced to wear casual bathing gear. Swimming clothed as a cultural movement.

Others don't take it that seriously. For them swimming clothed is just fun, htey mostly have on pool- and foam parties.

Has the word .Wetlook. to be re- defined? Is the word .Wetlook. appropriate for all kinds of wet clothing prctices at all?If you take a closer look at the word Wetlook, you will see, that it is focused on the LOOK of wet clothes. But those, who treat the clothed swimming as a cultural movement, don#t want to look at wet people and don't want to exhibit

Is there a difference between Wetlook and swimming clothed? Are the clothed swimmers brobably no wetlookers, at all?

The North German Wetclub NJCO rents a public pool each three weeks in winter and meets at a lake in summer. Those who don't know them might ask: What are they doing there? Still after all, the club consists on two thirds of men.

Well, they are bathing, splashing, jumping and after the bathing they go to a pub for a beer. There is no sign of living up a fetish. The clothed swimming is for them comparable with joining a soccer game, a barbecue or a skat match. And the ladies are not misused as objects of desire.  There were guys, who are no members of the NJCO, who demanded to expose the female members on the internet.That was annoying! But right this is not the aim of the clothed swimmers in Hamburg: Because here swimming clothed is nothing to stare at - it is something to join!

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