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TITLE:  More About Wet Clothing and Wetlook
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More About Wet Clothing and Wetlook


    The following information was compiled from a variety of anonymous sources and only limited first-hand experience. I assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained here. I assume no liability for any losses or damages to any clothing or other property arising either directly or indirectly from the use of this information;
the reader is soley responsible for the consequences of his or her own actions. The reader is advised to check the manufacturer's recommendations before subjecting an article of clothing or footwear to anything other than normal use.

Here are some interesting things I have discovered about wet clothing and wetlook:

    * It seems to be about as popular with women as with men, young and old.

    * Many people get wet in private - in baths, showers, secluded rivers, etc. or go for private swims when no-one is likely to be watching.

    * Some women like to get their clothes wet (in a pool, usually) just to turn on the guys - they will typically wear clothes that become very clingy and transparent when wet.

    * Many people like to wear shoes into a bath, shower, pool, etc.

    * There are lucky couples out there who use wet clothing as a regular part of their sex life

    * Many people who regularly swim, bath, shower, etc. in their clothes have figured out what will and won't survive a wetting or the chlorine of a swimming pool... clothes which have suffered somewhat are usually put
aside especially for those wet experiences.

    * Some women have taken baths, showers, or swims in business suits only to wear them to work another day (clean, pressed, and apparently none the worse for the wetting). I'd have to assume these suits are truly
wash-and-wear (or is it wash-while-you-wear?).

    * A well-constructed pair of leather boots or shoes can apparently withstand many repeated dunkings with no real harm if properly cared for and dried out afterwards. Ultimately, they won't be quite the same, but if you treat them right, you can enjoy many baths, showers, and swims in them with little or no noticeable effect. Eventually, of course, the signs of
abuse will be evident.

    * Women's party shoes are apparently rather fragile when it comes to soakings... some will fall apart the first time they see water (apparently they are constructed using compressed cardboard); dress pumps (the less expensive ones) will apparently start to fall apart after only two or three dunkings. Good patent leather shoes can survive repeated dunkings
very well - as long as you are careful drying them - let them dry slowly.

    * Everyone seems at least a little different in what they like to get wet in. Some prefer jeans and t-shirts, some women prefer skirts and blouses, some dresses, some prefer business suits. Some men prefer dressy slacks and shirts. Some people like to wear shoes, and some don't. Some people will enjoy getting wet in almost any clothes, and others are very
specific about what they will or won't wear in the pool, bath, or shower. Most usually have a preference or a favourite.

    * Most people have definite preferences about the fabrics they like to get wet.

    * Some people will use any opportunity to get wet, and some are very specific about the way they get wet.

    * Some people like to destroy their clothes, and getting them wet is just a part of that process; many, like myself, would prefer to see their favourite articles survive many wettings.

    * Some people only like to get water on their clothes; others like soap, or shaving cream; some like mud; some like to smear food, oil, or paint on their clothes. This is getting into a slightly different area.  If you want to know more about it, check out Messy Fun.

    * There are quite a number of male cross-dressers out there. Some guys like to put on women's clothes just to get wet or messy in them.  These folks are not necessarily transvestites or "drag queens"; their affinity for women's clothes has nothing to do with their sexual orientation - most are totally straight. They wear women's clothes to get wet because of the
variety in color and style of clothes, and the feel of the different fabrics used in women's clothing. Some see it as a "surrogate" for a female wetlook partner.

    * Quite a few women like to see men get wet in a business suit - something I would like to do, and share with "the right woman".

    * People like to secretly enjoy wet clothing, even when in public. For example: one woman wrote that she will wear a wet bra - covering it with saran wrap to keep it from wetting her blouse or dress so she can enjoy being wet at work; she also said that she will wear wet panties under her jeans or cut-offs.

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