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TITLE:  Wetlook
Author:   Arthur Chappell
DATE:  Unknwon (found on May 20th, 2006

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             Sarah  sat down on my  knee

            We were cuddled up    warm, watching TV

            More drawn to each other than the screen

            Until  it came to the riverside scene

            Where the leading lady    goes for a swim

            And I looked at  the hero, wishing I was him

            As he took off his clothes to join her in the water.

            Her clothes slowed  her down so he easily caught her

            Sweeping her up in his   arms   as her dress swirled around

            Laughing, loving,   and looking so sexy that I found

            Myself looking   at Sarah and wishing we could do likewise

            Imagining her all wet made   my heart beat and my passion rise

            And she could see how much I was getting  turned on.

            The  next thing I knew she'd got up and gone

            Upstairs to turn on taps to fill up the bath

            Calling me to join her with a raunchy, sultry mucky minded laugh

            I  walked up the stairs imagining her laid back

            With the water slowly rising over her glistening black

            Blouse as it seeped  down  into and through her denim jeans

            Bringing to life one of my oldest wildest dreams

            But she'd taken her clothes off and lay there undressed

            She's aimed to please me  but had sadly guessed

            That I  was the one who  wanted to get in wearing wet clothes

            Which I did, and the love we made was very nice and now Sara knows

            That while it was beautiful,  sexy and fun that way

            I really want to see her  soaked through fully dressed some day.

            After that first night  we both got soaked in various outfits

            A simple wet white tee shirts really shows off a lady's tits.

            Dresses go all floaty in the bath and cling to her body in the shower

            We hardly use the washing machine, preferring to leave our

            Clothes on when we wash and scrub each other

            Conducting tests like when  I  tried to smother
            Her  polo-neck sweater with a full bottle of shampoo

            Rubbing her all over  until the fabric showed through

            She smelt  so nice and felt so   slippery, soapy and  smooth

            Though we made a hell of a mess of  our  shower booth

            And bathroom floor but it was worth it, that's for sure.

            We  found lots of new ways and loads of excuses

            Buckets, sinks and hose-pipes have so many uses

            So we never tire of soaking each other through

            Though we are growing impatient to do

            This sort of thing outdoors in a lake or the sea.

            Summer will be here soon, so  who knows, maybe?

            Sara promised me a surprise  soaking for my birthday

            She's found some new wetlook games to play

            It was  still far too cold  to  go  for a swim in the sea

            When Sara  came round after work to  take me

            To a private party at a sport centre  swimming pool

            Something I never expected. I felt such a fool.

            Three of her girlfriends  were there,  one dressed as a French Maid

            Walked into the water via the steps to slowly   wade

            Coming slowly over to where we stood,  as the  pool floor   got steeper

            As the water rose up over her  body as she went deeper and deeper

            Having to lift up her feet  to swim the last few feet or so

            Reaching our own poolside as the second  girl took her go

            Diving straight in dressed in a Saint Trinian  gym slip

            (Thirty years old and dressed like that! Sara took a strong grip

            On my hand as the   lady rose to the surface floating gently

            On her back with  the slip plastered back allowing me to see

            Her  G- string underwear  caressed in  the chlorine.

            If I had taken my eyes off her I might have seen

            Sara take off  all her clothes and take to the water herself

            Stepping in naked at the deep end to glide over to the shelf

            Edge  in the shallows where she beckoned coyly to me

            So I walked down the poolside towards her failing to see

            The third girl, dressed in  tight fitting jeans as she pushed me in

            And the girls in the pool splashed  me as I  started to swim

            In my white shirt and tie that I'd need to take home   and dry

            Ready for work the next day  though for now I just wanted to play

            So I  swam to Sara and pulled her back down into the water

            "Will you marry me please,  Neptune and Poseidon's daughter?"

            The  other three sirens of the deep  cheered as Sara said yes

            The  other three sirens of the deep  cheered as Sara said yes

            And jumped into hug and kiss and  embrace and caress

            Us both before the French Maid   headed off to sort something out

            She  returned carrying a box of Sara's clothes  and  threw them about

            Into the water inviting me to picked some to dress my bride in

            Her whole wardrobe seemed to be here and I was to start choosing

            Which Items I wanted Sara to  wear, starting with her underwear.

            I picked a  frilly pair of  red knickers  first   and Sara raised her feet

            One by one while I slipped them onto her,  which is no  easy feat

            Underwater, I can assure you, but well worth the effort I can assure you

            I put a matching  red bra on her next which was easier to do

            Though it looked a bit too much like a bikini effect  up to now

            Till I added a  garter, a girdle,  and suspenders  though somehow

            I thought the stockings or tights might prove a little to hard to apply

            I was so happy here doing all this that I was  actually starting to cry

            I felt the tears trickle down my already wet face

            As I picked out a  skirt made of satin and lace.

            The other girls helped raise Sara up in the pool

            "We don't usually let people in with  their clothes as a rule"

            Said  the schoolgirl  who was  the  senior lifeguard

            But I  barely heard her, I was developing such a  hard

            On for Sara as I added  a  blouse and even  her  stiletto shoes

            "We don't  really allow  our swimmers to  drink booze

            Either," said the lifeguard  offering us champagne glasses

            "I haven't swum  in my clothes since my  life-saving  classes"

            She laughed as they toasted myself and my happy bride to be

            Will it be a white wedding or a wet one? We'll have to see.

            The girls left Sara and I in privacy to make love  together alone

            It was over so quickly and  time to get dressed   and go home

            We stepped out of the leisure centre into the pouring rain

            Only too happy to  end up getting soaked to the skin again.

                                                Arthur Chappell

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