Wetlook (Wet Clothing) Articles

This section of the Swimming Fully Clothed series of pages attempts to examine what has been written about our love of wet clothes.  Not all articles are flattering nor truly understand our hobby but all are interesting in that they may shape the pereption of both those within and outside the wet clothing community.  If you know of any additional articles or want to send in your own, please e-mail them (or their link) to webmaster@swimmingfullyclothed.com

  1. Got a Fetish? Google YouTube
  2. Wetlook
  3. What is Wetlook? Fetish, cultural movement or hobby?
  4. More About Wet Clothing and Wetlook
  5. Wetlook paraphilia - aspects of a sexual variation
  6. In Defense of the Wetlook Fetish
  7. A Wetlook Poem
  8. Clothes Encounters - Here ends yet another summer with no love for the Wetlook at public pools.
  9. Swimming with My Clothes On! - by Elaine Williams
  10. Aquaphilia - a.k.a. Hydrophilia
  11. Wet and messy fetishism - from a Wikipedia article
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