This page is a result of various private e-mail messages I have received during this web site's existence.  Since I very often get asked certain questions over and over again I thought it would be a good idea to set up a page where I can save many of you the time and effort of asking these particular questions.  Please, please do NOT get me wrong.  I really enjoy receiving responses about this wet clothes web site and I REALLY thrive on reader feedback.  However, I am of the mind to keep an ordered house so hopefully this page will help clear up some questions and misunderstandings in one shot.  Otherwise, I will have to result to pre-formated form letters which are quite impersonal.  Currently, I respond to each and every message as it arrives and I would very much prefer to keep it that way.  As new questions arrive, they are added to the end of this FAQ.

The format of this page will be a question followed by an answer.  This page will probably grow so do feel free to check back often.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the purpose of this web site?
  2. What is NOT included in the scope of this site?
  3. Cestrius, what do you, yourself, personally like to swim in?
  4. What is your policy regarding female participation?
  5. What is WAM & do these pages go into the messey side of WAM?
  6. Is this a gay site or are you gay?
  7. How do I add a WAM site to your links page?
  8. Do you intend to charge for access at some future time?
  9. Could you share pics from your private collection or perhaps trade?
  10. Can we meet and get wet together fully clothed?
  11. Does this site have a secondary backup alternative mirror location?
  12. How do I keep track of changes & additions to this website?
  13. How often do you update -or- respond to private e-mail messages?
  14. Do you have your own original content here?
  15. What do I do if I see my own work on your pages?
  16. How can I make my own contributions for public display here?
  17. Why do you feature baptism images here?
  18. Why are there pictures of children here; are you some kind of pervert?
  19. Do you have a private personal home page?
  20. Are you open to having banners in exchange for pay?
  21. What are the visitor statistics of this site?
1.  What is the purpose of this web site?

This web site is devoted to those guys who like to swim in their street clothes.  This can include anything from a full suit and tie to a T-shirt and shorts.

2.  What is NOT included in the scope of this wet clothing web site?  What is NOT welcome here?

This site is NOT (nada, nill, zilch) devoted to explicit descriptions of sex and pedophilism.  

3.  Cestrius, what do you, yourself, personally like to swim in?

My preference is for a pair of comfortable light-weight slacks (or jeans) and long sleeved button-up shirt.  Usually, I will have my shirt tails tucked in and my shirt buttoned to the second button from the top.  Sometimes, I will roll up my sleeves prior to entering the water and other times I will keep them rolled down and neatly buttoned about my wrists or just hanging lose.  For the shirt, my favorite color is light blue or white and for the slacks it is either grey, navy blue, black, or tan (light brown).  However, I am really not too choosey about the color although I strongly dislike cold water.  *shivers* Please keep in mind, though, that this is just my preference.  I currently live in Van Nuys, California and am single.  You can see wet clothes photos of me here and here.

4.  Since these web pages seem to be devoted to fully clothed guys what is your policy on female particpation? OR Where can I find pictures of wet fully clothed females?

Ladies are most welcome to stop by and browse these pages to their hearts content.  This welcome extends to posting to the web discussion board, wet clothing buddy/contact directory, the guestbook and even to contribute their own photo albums here.  Please just keep in mind that the charter of this site is geared towards wet fully clothed guys.  Even so, there are pictures of wet and fully dressed women on the Crystal's page, Girls Getting GuysThai It Takes Two , baptism and Underwater galleries.  If you are looking for more pictures of wet fully clothed females please visit the The Wetlook World Forum, and The Ultimate Wet & Messy Directory .  There you will find many many home pages devoted to all varities of wet fully dressed women.  

5.  Do these web pages go into the 'messy' aspect? OR Where can I find home pages dealing with getting BOTH wet AND Messy in clothing? OR What exactly does WAM stand for?

No, they do not.  These web pages are devoted only to the clean aspect of getting wet fully dressed.  It is understood, though,  that some people into getting wet fully clothed ALSO like to get messy as well.  Those individuals are more than welcome to visit these pages as long as they understand that only the 'wet' aspect of WAM (Wet and Messy) is being presented here.  For your information WAM includes everything from just getting wet, to playing with mud, food, foam, grunge, or other substances either while fully clothed or otherwise.  The majority of the WAM community seems to be more for wet females but there are a few male messy sites as well.  If you wish to find other web pages that tend towards the messy aspect visit The Ultimate Wet & Messy Directory and look under "Messy."

6.  Is this a "Gay" site? OR Are you gay?

Both gay and heterosexual guys visit this site regularily.  To the second question: I like seeing fully clothed guys either wet or dry but never nude and I never look at women either fully clothed or otherwise.  Enough said.

7.  I have my own or know of a wet clothes web site - Would you be willing to add it to your links page?

Of course I will! :)  Just e-mail me the location of the site in question along with any comments about it and I will check it out.

8.  Do you intend to charge for this at some point in the future?

No.  This web site is something I do for fun in my spare time.  I am not out to make a profit on it.  When you have a guest, do you charge them for the food and drink you offer them?  It is not my way.  With this end in mind, I do stronly advise you to copy and save all the pictures you find here if you like them for there is always the change this web site could go away given the current U.S. political environment and the cost of webhosting.  However, there are currently NO plans for closing at this time.

9.  Could you please send me more pictures from your private collection or are you willing to trade?

Everything I have in my collection is on these pages.  The sole exception to this are pics sent to me privately where the sender (author) requested that I keep them private between them and I.  This I honor.

10.  Can wet meet and get wet together fully dressed?

Sure!  Please see #3 above.  If my looks don't scare you off, Iet's arrange a time for a fully clothed swim together. :)

11.  Does this site have a mirror (backup location) in case the main home page is unavailable?

No, there are no other currently online archives of this site although from painful lessons learned in the past, I now regularily backup this site to CD.

12.  How can I keep track of  current changes, additions, and modifications to the Swimming Fully Clothed web pages?

There is a log file that I maintain and update for just this purpose.  I ALWAYS make it a point to write to it whenever I make changes to this wet clothes web site.  If there are no recently dated entries to this log file the chances are very good that no actual updates have happened.  Another good indicator of whether new changes have occurred is the "Site Last Updated" line just below the list of contents section on the main default index page of this web site.
It should also be noted that every single web page in my collection has a "Page Last Updated" line as well located near the very bottom just before the mail and contact sections.

13.  How often do you make updates? OR How often do you check and reply to user comments?

The best answer is that I make updates to this wet clothing site whenever I have new material to add to it.  I check and reply to ALL private and public comments that I get just about every day of the week (including weekends) because I have access at home.  The exception to this, of course, is when I am away and do not have Internet network access.  If this is the case, I do my best to let you (the site web visitor) know either in the log file or on the default main page.  Therefore, check both places regularly!

14.  Do you have any original material here of your own to offer or do you just display the works of others?

It is the contributors who produce and send in their original content.  To them I offear my heartfelt thanks as you should too. :)

15.  What do I do if I see MY own work here on YOUR pages?

  If you find your work here being displayed without your permission and you want to be credited for it or just want it removed please send me a private polite e-mail message requesting such and it will be taken care of immediately.

16.  Can I contribute?  OR  I do not have regular access to a scanner/e-mail/Internet so how can I send to you any wet pictures I may have?

Yes, you certainly can contribute! :-)  You may either opt to remain an anonymous donor or to be credited for your work.  If the photos you have are by another than it would probably be advisable to notify me of such so that I can credit the proper author if known.  If you send me pictures and wish your face to be blurred then please specify such or otherwise, they will go on just as they are.

You can e-mail any binary pictures you may have of yourself fully clothed and wet to either, or

You can also try transfering files to me via ICQ.  My UIN # is 1459119;  or Yahoo Messenger as Cestrius although I'm not on as often as I used to be.

Please let me know EXACTLY what you want done with the pics such as where you want them placed on the site, and any introduction, if any, you may want as well as any public e-mail adddress you want displayed so that others may contact you.

If you do not have access to a scanner or e-mail then you can snail mail (send through the regular postal system) me any hardcopy (printed) pictures you may have to:

Swimming Fully Clothed - P.O. Box 4934 - Panorama City, CA 91412 - USA

If you want your pictures back then please include a return address.  We will pay all postal costs for both domestic and international mail..  If you honnestly cannot afford to send in the pictures then reverse the postage (make it postage due).  All personal contact information will be kept absolutely confidential!!!

If you come across any publications that feature male wet clothing scenes then by all means let me know and I will see what I can do about scanning them in and publishing them on the World Wide Web.

I will happily scan any items I receive in for you and do what you specify with both the hardcopy and binary image files.  There is absolutely no charge for this service for I am very happy to receive contributions from others who share my wet clothes hobby.  If you wish to promote a collection of your own so that you can increase the amount of people who trade with you then it is no problem for me to set up a collectors exchange page where a picture or two is featured along with the contact information for each person desiring the prirvate exchange of wet clothes photos.   This also goes for the promotion of other web sites or possible in person networking.

17.  Why do you feature baptism images here?

Baptisms are a very sacred moment by which an an individual goes from one mode of spiritual being into a new way of living.  Baptisms are also one of the few socially accepted ways by which a person can be wet while full clothed.  By including various baptism photos here, I hope to capture the various ways in which people are baptized.  In no way should inclusion of such pictures be construed as disrespect or mockery of organized religion.  By some chance, should you see your own picture here, please send a polite e-mail asking for its removal and it will be done.  Finally, if the baptism section really bothers you, simply do not visit that part of the website.  NOTE:  Due to the number of complaints I have received, no NEW baptism images are currently being added.  Sorry folks. :(

18.  Why are there pictures of children here, are you some kind of pedophile?

Absolutely not!  Any children that make their appearance within these pages are purely incidental because they happen to be with an adult that is fully dressed and wet.  I have no interest whatsoever in wet kids and have even considered cropping them out of the photos but decided against doing so since it makes the scene look odd (incomplete) and subsequently results in me receiving private e-mail asking me about who was left out?

19.  Do you have a private personal home page?

Yes, please see question #3 above.

20.  Would you ever consider having banners to pornographic web sites for pay or in exchange for sponsorship?

The answer to this is short and sweet.  No.  This is not open to discussion so please do not ask.  I am not a sell out.  You will be wasting your time if you even try.  However, I will freely add links to the 'external links page' if your web site deals with swimming fully clothed.  Just e-mail me.

21.  What are the visitor statistics of this site?

FYI: web hits (the # of times that a site is visited) is not a truly accurate measure of how many view a particular website; however, the average is 400 unique hits per day.  If you want to see further stats, please visit the counter page.

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