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The following translation is based on the original Danish newspaper article

English translation of newspaper interview.

I started thinking that it is rather strange that I as a clothed swimmer gets more questions and stupid remarks than the nudi bathers. In Denmark it is allowed to be naked on many beaches so I have to accept that people might show their sagging breasts and flappy buttocks while I am considered a weirdo when I jump in the water wearing clothes.

 I send a letter to one of the biggest newspapers in Denmark where I  explained that there is a minority that prefers to swim clothed and I suggested an article on the subject. They never replied but  instead I send the same letter to another newspaper - not as big as the first but still covering about one fifth of the country. They replied after a couple of days they asked if I would do an interview and a photo session. I accepted - after all the idea was mine so I kind of expected to be drawn into it - and I met with a reporter and a photographer on the west coast on a windy afternoon.

It was a quite nice situation. The reporter was very polite and he asked his questions in a completely open-minded manner and accepted all the answers I gave without suggesting that I was weird.

The photosession was great fun. We allmost ended up two guys in the water!  I was supposed to wade into the water, dive into the waves, get up again, wade in, and sit down in the surf.  The  photographer folded up his jeans to a  little above his knees and followed me out untill he was in knee-deep water.  But the weather was quite windy and the waves were higher than he expected.. Suddenly a huge wave hit the coast and soaked him completely to his belt!  He then just accepted the fact that he was wet and stayed in the water untill he had enough pictures. The reporter stayed on dry land but had a good laugh.

This paper is read by most people in the south-west parts of Denmark so I  have had some attention: The day before I went on holiday I was the "talk of the town" at the office.  Most of my colleges had allready left for holiday but I expect to get a little more attention next week when they all return  Also my family has noticed that I was in the paper. My parents haven't really commented on the article but they liked the picture.

I have made an English translation but I have a few comments:

The article says that I was swimming in jeans - anyone who knows me will know that it should have been overalls. I just told the reporter that I was wearing the clothes I would normally use for swimming and he might have thought of denim overalls as jeans.
The last detail is that the article says that I came out of the closet on Saturday; it should have read Monday


Three weeks after the article was published I got a telephone call from "Radio Syd" - a local "Radio Denmark" subdivision that broadcasts  in the southern parts of the country. They asked if I would do a telephone interview for their afternoon radioshow.

The story of the day was that a woman living on the west coast had written a  letter to the local paper where she complained about naked German people  who where very ruthless when they went in the water wearing absolutely nothing. She claimed that they scared the kids and disgusted the adults.

The researcher of the show had read the article about me and thought it would be a nice twist to the story if they talked to a person who did the complete opposite of the naked Germans when bathing.

I accepted and so I ended up being in a radio show talking about swimming and  bathing fully clothed.

Here is a link to the MP3 file of the radio interview (in Danish) with a rough English translation below.

Interview with Flemming Sørensen about clothed bathing.
Broadcasted from "Radio Syd" (Radio South) August 4th. 2006 at 5:10 PM.


The interview was a part of an afternoon radio show where the story of the day was that a woman had complained that she felt offended by naked German tourists that bathed naked on the beaches on the coasts of Denmark.  The researcher called me a couple of hours before the interview was taped.  I was in a car dealership at that moment. That's why I make a remark about buying a car.

The persons are:

G: Gert - the guy who is the host of the show.

J: Jens - the "assistant"

F: Flemming - me.




G: Jens, I read something funny yesterday. You know how some headlines
   seems to catch you eyes imidiately.

J: Hmmmm?

G: Here is one of those headlines. It said "Nudi bathing the German way"!

J: Hmmmm!?!

G: I said to myself: "I wonder how that is done"? Maybe the text would
   reveal the mystery?

G: The text was actually a letter to the editor written by Birgit Filskov
   from the town of Kollund who wrote: "The "family-juvels" are often out in
   the open on the beach of Kohagen and the same is the case at Kollund.
   Pleas about supporting the local textile industry in the name of modesty has
   been totally without result. I have seen several mothers with small
   children leave the scene in anger. Wouldn't it be possible to get a big sign on
   the  beach explaining - preferrably in German - that bathing in the nude will
   not be accepted? Of course I must admit that there are also Danish people
   amongst those who prefers this way of bathing".

J: Does this take place on all kinds of beaches?

G: Apparently it does.

J: We know that there are nude beaches on the southern parts of Rømø
   and also in other parts of the country you can swim naked if that is
   what you like.

G: But I can say for sure that I would get pretty annoyed if I were on
   a beach with my children and other people - maybe "Fritz from Freiburg"
   - just stripped naked nearby. Just like Birgit gets.

J: Well, modesty can be both that you don't like to be naked amongst
   other people. But it can also be that you don't like to see other people
   go naked.

G: Keep your private parts covered!

J: Understood, I totally aggree with Birgit on that subject.
   Well written!

G: And I guess that we can find others who also aggrees on Birgit's POW.

J: Probably many. I think a lot of people would prefer to have nude
   and clothed beachgoers separated.

G: But on the other hand I think there are some people - maybe even
   in this radio studio - who would swim naked if they were all alone.

J: Maybe I would....

G: I bet you would!

J: Yes, maybe if I were at a deserted forest lake in Sweden.

G: You would swim naked in a lake in Sweden?

J: Well, if there were no people and no mooses I would probably do it.

G: I think you should do it if you like and you were alone.

G: But now we shall meet a guy who would never swim naked even if he
   was alone.

J: Who is it?

G: His name is Flemming and he lives in Billund. Why not give him a call?

J: You are saying that he would never swim naked?

G: That's what I have been told. In fact he prefers to jump in the water
   fully clothed.

J: Fully clothed....?

G: Yes, suit and tie and everything....well maybe that was slightly


J: You mean that if he swims in the cold season he would swim in a
   quiltet jacket?

G: I don't know. Maybe you could ask him.

G: But anyway this is a guy who does not like to be in the water
   naked. In fact he doesn't even likes to wear swimwear.

J: And that's the guy you are calling?

G: Yes, Flemming Sørensen from Billund.


F: Flemming Sørensen.

G: Hello this is Jens and Gert from "Radio South".

F: Yes, I thought so.....

G: Are you in the water at the moment?

F: In the water?

G: Yes.

F: No, I'm in my living room.

G: You are not at the beach right now?

F: Naaah, I don't have any wheels at the moment. Some light-fingered
   delinquents have stolen my scooter last sunday.

G: That's a pity.

F: Yes, but that was why I was in a car dealership when you called me earlier.

G: Oh, yes I understand.

J: Flemming, Gert has told me that you would never swim  naked under any

F: Yes, that is true.

J: And he has also told that you prefer to swim fully clothed?

F: That's also true.

J: Fully clothed? You mean that you don't in any way get undressed - like
   swimming in you underwear or so?

F: No, no, it is....how should I put it...ordinary clothes.

J: You are saying that if you arrive at the beach in jeans and a sweater
   then you will swim in that?

F: Maybe not the sweater. It will probably get a bit too heavy.

J: Maybe a shirt?

F: Yes, a shirt or a T-shirt.

J: How about socks? Do you take off your socks?

F: Sometimes I do - sometimes I don't. It depends on the shoes. I normally
   go for light shoes and usually I remove my socks.

J: Are you a very modest man.....or how should I understand this?

F: Hmmmmm......modest....modest......I don't like to be naked if there
   are other people about.

J: Excuse me for being a bit psychological here but is it because you
   were forced to be naked at school after gym in the showers?

F: No, in the gym showers I was naked at my own will and I didn't
   think about it then. After all the other boys were naked too and
   today I don't have any problems about being naked in a locker room
   either. But in public were everybody can see it I don't like to be

G: But isn't it unpleasant to wear wet, clingy, and heavy clothes?

F: It depends on the kind of clothing. Of course I try not to wear the
   kinds of clothes that gets unpleasant when wet.

G: What is pleasant "swimwear"?

F: It depends on who you are asking. To me it is mostly loose fitting

J: You mean like a sweatshirt and loose fitting cotton jeans?

F: Yes.

J: But if we imagine a beach like the one at Vejers and there are
   twenty naked Germans and twenty persons in "ordinary" swimwear and
   then you jump in the water wearing ordinary clothes.

F: Yes?

G: Aren't people staring?

F: Let me put it this way: I get more attention than the twenty naked

G: I can imagine that! You are more of a rarity?

F: That's probably the right way to put it.

G: Do you go to the beach on a regular basis?

F: Hmmmm.....I think I have been at the beach....Hmmmmm...fifteen to twenty
   times this year.

G: So that's pretty often?

F: Yes.

G: That makes a lot of wet clothes to dry?

F: Ha ha, yes but I have a good clothes line.

J: OK?

F: I just have to make shure that I have rinsed the clothes properly. If
   I don't do it the metal buttons will rust.

J+G: Hmmm....?

F: Once I left a pile of clothes wet from salt water for a couple a days
   and it took me some time to remove all the rust stains.

G: So all the metal rusted?

F: Yes.

J: When you get out of the water soaking wet do you then change into
   something dry?

F: It depends if I'm going out in the water again shortly after. But I
   change clothes before going home. It's too cold to drive home all wet.

J: Can we get closer to an explanation on why.....why are you swimming in
   your clothes?

F: Hmmmm....There is not an absolutely clear explanation. I remember falling into
   the water from a wooden raft in my early teenage years and then I found
   out that I liked to swim in clothes. It was pleasant in some way. So I
   have continued to swim like that.

G: Maybe we should try it out....

J: Are you the only one in Denmark into clothed swimming?

F: No, but I'm one of the few who do it in public.

J: I can understand why. It is like it's more legitimate to remove all your
   clothes when bathing compared to bathing fully clothed?

F: Yes, that's true.

J: So you are saying that there are other "in-the-closet" clothed swimmers
   in Denmark?

F: Yes, there are.

J: And they go to the beach maybe in the evening?

F: Yes, or at deserted beaches, or in a pool in the garden, or other
   places where they can do it alone. I have done this myself untill
   a couple of years ago. I have often been swimming at small lakes in
   cloudy weather or in the rain because then I could do it undiscovered.

G: And now you do in public? You have broken down that psycological

F: Yes.

J: So now you just go to the west coast and jump into the waves?

F: Actually I'm wading out!  It's hard to find something to jump from.

J: That's true.

G: Well, Flemming Sørensen we got your story. Thank you for participating.

F: You're welcome.

G: Bye bye

F: Bye.




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