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My Self Pics


                    j1.jpg     j2.jpg     j3.jpg     j4.jpg     j5.jpg

                    j6.jpg     j7.jpg     j8.jpg     j9.jpg     j10.jpg

                    j11.jpg     j12.jpg     j13.jpg     j14.jpg     j15.jpg

                    j16.jpg     j17.jpg     j18.jpg

All Brand New Pix from Jan

January 2001



More  New Pix Added Wednesday May 2nd, 2001

j28.jpg     j29.jpg     j30.jpg     j31.jpg     j32.jpg

j33.jpg     j34.jpg     j35.jpg     j36.jpg     j37.jpg

j38.jpg     j39.jpg     j40.jpg     j41.jpg     j42.jpg



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