Illustrated Key West Report

Map of Key West, Florida U.S.A.

Welcome to the illustrated Key West report page. Here, I have made a few notes regarding the recent wet meeting at Key West, Florida from April the 22nd though the 25, 1999 A.D.  If you want to see the old version of this page simply click here

There is also another Florida report page at Felix's Wacky Wet web site at: and some further pics of the Florida event ttaken at

Call for writings:   Please submitt your own stories and Photos regarding the Key West extravangaza where they will remain as long as this web site exists!   Feel welcome to send all submissions and comments along to

NOTE:  Handles will not be associated with faces unless permission is granted.  Since I am terrible with names please fill in any gaps.  There were fourteen (14) in attendance total.  The handles I recall are:  Aquaman, Cestrius, Chris, Dennis, Jeff-BobNYC, LM, MattG, Mike, PoolboyRiverratt (BJ), Stefan, Tim, Wetgreg, and WetMark

I have been getting quite a few e-mails asking about this.  One person who was noticably absent was Wetjeep who never showed up; I do not know why - Know that you were missed.

During the trip there were two (2) major wet group meetings that I am aware of. The "convention" was very loosely organized with everyone pretty much doing their own thing in smaller groups.  The first major wet session occurred in Big Ruby's swimming pool at 6 p.m. on April the 23rd, 1999.

Big Ruby's pool  Socializing in the pool  bigruby2.jpg  bigruby3.jpg  A full group shot while in the pool

Same group shot a second later  Four getting to know each other  Dripping dry with hot air. :)  Cestrius (me) soaking wet  Who is this guy in blue?

Another wet guy in yellow    ww02s.jpg  ww03s.jpg  ww04s.jpg

The second major group event happened at the White Street pier located on the south side of the island in warm 80 degree Atlantic water on April the 24th around 1:00 p.m..

before.jpg  Attempting to capture a shot of my socks  getting.jpg  Cestrius popping out of the water in one of his favorite outfits.  Cestrius (me) just standing there feeling the water run off my clothes back into the ocean. 

Two (2) wet guys having some wet fun  Enjoying the surroundings  Kicking back  Soaking one's tennis  Wet Lawnchair man 

  Hello Stefan!   A solo shot  A partial group photo  Another group shot

out.jpg    A distant perspective  A distant view  Another distant perspective

Other notes:

One evening we all gathered together and watched some never before seen clean home movies taken by Poolboy which were very wet, along with an awesome vast print photo collection of MattG's - thanks for sharing guys! :-)

Aquaman gave everyone who attended the event a free CDROM with over 600 wet fully clothed images - a BIG thank you for this!

On the last evening of the 24th after watching the sunset at Mallory Square, several guys jummped off the Mallory Street pier into the Gulf of Mexico fully clothed - this was not planned so I could not get any picturs but it was fun!

Before we went to the White Street pier (shown above) we stopped over at the Atlantic Shores resort which has a private pier on the ocean; however, we were asked to leave when we tried to get wet there - so much for their "clothing optional pool." :(

If you have further questions about what went on just ask! :)

Please e-mail any suggestions for further additions/changes to this page.  Thanks! :)

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