Wet Media Gallery # 6


Here are a few more media images plucked from both television, films, and print publications.  Please feel most welcome to e-mail any comments or contributions to:    swimmingfullyclothed.com


jvanderbeek.jpg     m37.jpg     m38.jpg     m39.jpg     m40.jpg

m41.jpg     m42.jpg     m43.jpg     m44.jpg     m45.jpg

m46.jpg     m47.jpg     m48.jpg     mattleblanc.jpg     shebangcs.jpg

shower2tz.jpg     shower-bw1.jpg     soap1cs.jpg     Survivor1.jpg     tomcruise.jpg

tomcruise2.jpg     wet1-tz.jpg     wet2-tz.jpg     wet-ad100.jpg     wet-ad200.jpg

wet-ad300.jpg     wet-ad400.jpg     wet-enrique.jpg     wet-guys1.jpg     wet-hunk1.jpg

wet-jeans1.jpg     wet-jeans2.jpg     wet-pool1.jpg     wet-summer1.jpg     wet-summer2.jpg

wet-summer3.jpg     wet-summer4.jpg     wet-travis.jpg     wet-unif1.jpg     

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If you know of any magazines or vidcaps containing pictures of soaking wet fully
dressed guys please do contact me and let me know where they are.  You can even anonymously send them in via postal snail mail and I will scan them in myself.  My mailing address is:  Cestrius - P.O. Box 180316 - Coronado, CA 92718-0316.  If you want, I can give you credit or you may opt to remain anonymous.

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