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Here are a few more media images plucked from both television, films, and print publications.  Please feel most welcome to e-mail any comments or contributions to:    swimmingfullyclothed.com


               0346.jpg      0698.jpg      11168.jpg      6632ebd1.jpg      a1055e4c.jpg

               AD11.jpg      b47525fd.jpg      bb335.jpg      cutoffsplash.jpg      d6203d08.jpg

               dean.jpg      donttell1.jpg      dz20411.jpg      elliot14.jpg      ewjck02.jpg

               fun1e.jpg      hT56926.jpg      Jason07.jpg      Jason16.jpg      jasonbrooks2.jpg

               jasonmomoa14.jpg      joaquin01.jpg      joaquin02.jpg      joaquin03.jpg      joaquin04.jpg

               kevind03.jpg      K20057.jpg      la.jpg      law02.jpg      levispic201.jpg

               levispic202.jpg      levispic203.jpg      m932C7.jpg      Markw.jpg      martins26.jpg

               martins27.jpg      mimic1.jpg      neal6.jpg      neal8.jpg      nordstrom1w.jpg

               nrs6344.jpg      pbois000577.jpg      pepsiderek.jpg      pilot058.jpg      pool1.jpg

               pool2.jpg      pool3.jpg      pool4.jpg      pool5.jpg      pp0008384.jpg

               pp0008652.jpg      pp0011014.jpg      Rodney07.jpg      sb62464.jpg      scd1128.jpg

               scd1169.jpg      tapler04.jpg      troymontero08.jpg      troymontero10.jpg      undieguys.jpg

               up23548.jpg      wet-tw1.jpg      wet-tw2.jpg      wet-tw3.jpg      wet-tw4.jpg

               wet-tw6.jpg      wet-tw7.jpg      wet-tw8.jpg      i1.jpg      i2.jpg

               i3.jpg      yam1.jpg      yam2.jpg      yam3.jpg      yam5.jpg

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If you know of any magazines or vidcaps containing pictures of soaking wet fully
dressed guys please do contact me and let me know where they are.  You can even anonymously send them in via postal snail mail and I will scan them in myself.  My mailing address is:  Cestrius - P.O. Box 180316 - Coronado, CA 92718-0316.  If you want, I can give you credit or you may opt to remain anonymous.

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