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KEYRegular BOLD LINKS indicate active sites - CLOSED means site is goneRED means adult content!

This is the links page.  It contains links to other wet clothes web sites that have been found.  Please be advised that SFC am not responsible for the content of these other external web sites.  Also, be warned that some of these other web pages may contain sexually explicit material.  Please feel welcome to e-mail the webmaster at webmaster@swimmingfullyclothedcom if you have a link to add or notice that a link below is broken.  Many thanks! :)

We are updating our Wet Links... September 2010
Please let us know about any dead links or any NEW Wet Links

Please Note:  All dead websites are retained here for historical reasons AND in the hopes that someone may point out their new addresses or notify us upon their future revival.

Male Wet Clothes Web Sites

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