Sylvain's Photos

Wet Freak from Montreal, Quebec area 39, 5'10'', 155,who is really into fully dressed wet stuff.  Believe me, it's not only water you can get wet with.  Recycling is a must right now!  E-mail:

Sped1.jpg     Sped2.jpg     Sped3.jpg     Sped4.jpg     Sped5.jpg

Sped6.jpg     Sped7.jpg     Sped8.jpg     Sped9.jpg     Sped10.jpg

Sped11.jpg     Sped12.jpg     Sped13.jpg     Sped14.jpg     Sped15.jpg

Sped16.jpg     Sped17.jpg     Sped18.jpg     Sped19.jpg     Sped20.jpg

Sped21.jpg     Sped22.jpg     Sped23.jpg     Sped24.jpg     Sped25.jpg


New Pix Added from Sylvain's recent trip to Cuba' 2000



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