Telcontar's Wet Set 01

I took a walk earlier to get some fresh air and exercise (and get away from the computer!) Bought some lunch from the village shop to eat when I got to my destination of the railway bridge. It was warm and sunny but windy, but it also decided to rain.

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I was reasonably wet by the time I got to the bridge. More my trousers than anything (which were soaked) from brushing against all the overgrowth and so on.

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The real plan was to go watch trains, but I decided I’d also have some fun; big puddles … big puddles mean fun.

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If any of the drivers in the area remember that classic Dime Bar advert, they’ll all have been muttering “That bloke’s a nuh-uh!”

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Have to have fun every now and then :)

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At this point, the lens got splashed. But being wet, I had no means to clean it! So now all the photos have faded, blurry patches.

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At this point, I’d over-taxed the battery and had to cut short the photos.

I hate mud. I don’t know why, but I do. Fortunately the battery revived itself.

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Though I don’t know … It’s not as bad as it could be. The real irony was that the mud wasn’t muddy enough. It only transforms under body weight. I found some better mud that was, well, actually muddy.

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By this point, the battery decided it was flat again. The camera is heading towards two years old, so the battery life isn’t so hot any more. By this point I’d also dropped the camera in the mud twice, and there was dirt all around the telescoping lens barrel. The battery was about to die and when it dies, it retracts the lens, and would grind all the mud in. I cleaned my hand on some foliage and removed the battery instead, leaving the lens retracted so I could clean it at home. (I could have taken more photos but I’d been snapping trains at the same time, costing me precious battery power ;)

The camera survived just fine, as did my trousers although they already had several holes through the knee. I can’t say the same for the t-shirt though. D’oh.

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Created Monday September 17th, 2007 A.D.