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Hi, I'm Jes from Cebu, Philippines.  I like to make friends all around the world.  Please feel welcome to contact me thru my icq # 7864429 or by email .
You may also reach me by cell phone at:
(63-32) 9179366622

you may also view my other web pages at:

      ( username=jtloa,password=gegolo2000 )

            and many more , just write and ask me

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My Self Pics

Dsc00001.jpg     Dsc00002.jpg     Dsc00003.jpg     Dsc00004.jpg     Dsc00005.jpg

Dsc00006.jpg     Dsc00007.jpg     Dsc00008.jpg     Dsc00009.jpg     Dsc00010.jpg

Dsc00011.jpg     Dsc00012.jpg     Dsc00013.jpg     Dsc00014.jpg     Dsc00015.jpg

Dsc00016.jpg     Dsc00017.jpg     Dsc00020.jpg     Mvc-002s.jpg     Mvc-003s.jpg

Mvc-004s.jpg     Mvc-005s.jpg     Mvc-006s.jpg     Mvc-008s.jpg

New Pix Added 11-24-00

  Dsc00037.jpg     Dsc00038.jpg     Dsc00039.jpg     Dsc00040.jpg     Dsc00041.jpg

Dsc00042.jpg     Dsc00043.jpg     Dsc00044.jpg     Dsc00073.jpg     Dsc00074.jpg


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