Hi, I'm Jes from Cebu, Philippines.  I like to make friends all around the world.  Please feel welcome to contact me thru my icq # 7864429 or by email : asianguy44@hotmail.com

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My Cell Phone

cell phone #09179366622

A special word of thanks to my photographer
"aPHOTOfan" in Cebu

ICQ # 15857811

My Self Pics

                    jes53.jpg     jes54.jpg     jes55.jpg     jes56.jpg     jes57.jpg

                    jes58.jpg     jes59.jpg     jes60.jpg     jes61.jpg     jes62.jpg

                    jes63.jpg     jes64.jpg     jes65.jpg     jes66.jpg     jes67.jpg

                    jes68.jpg     jes69.jpg     jes70.jpg     jes71.jpg     jes72.jpg

                    jes73.jpg     jes74.jpg     jes75.jpg     jes76.jpg     jes77.jpg

                    jes78.jpg     jes79.jpg     jes80.jpg     jes81.jpg     jes82.jpg

                    jes83.jpg     jes84.jpg     jes85.jpg     jes86.jpg     jes87.jpg

                    jes88.jpg     jes89.jpg     jes90.jpg     jes91.jpg     jes92.jpg

                    jes93.jpg     jes94.jpg     jes95.jpg     jes96.jpg     jes97.jpg

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