The Wet Prep Collection


The following photos are of Wet Prep taking a shower after a long day at the office. Click the Wave to E-mail  Wet Prep..Many Thanks!
Just what the doctor ordered...




     This is Wetdoc     wp21.jpg     wp22.jpg     wp23.jpg

wp28.jpg     wp24.jpg     wp25.jpg     wp26.jpg     wp27.jpg

wp17.jpg     wp18.jpg     wp19.jpg

New Images Added September 26, 2000

wb1.jpg     wb2.jpg     wb3.jpg     wb4.jpg     wb5.jpg

wb6.jpg     wb7.jpg     wb8.jpg     wb9.jpg     wb10.jpg

wb11.jpg     wb12.jpg     wb13.jpg     wb14.jpg     wb15.jpg


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