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This gallery is dedicated to all those who love the sight, sound, smell, and feel of wet shoes.  As of 9/14/1999 each gallery now has its own page.  This was done in order to save those of you on slow Internet connections download time.  Thanks for the feedback.

Urgent News Flash!

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Now back to the regularly scheduled web page. :-)

Section I contains four (4) separate galleries that have been contributed by WT  

  1. Chippewa Engineer Boots -

Section II is courtesy of RT at and includes five (5) seperate galleries.

Section III was contributed by Wetgreg ( ) and contains one gallery..

Others are invited to add their own wet shoe/boot photos as well either anonymously or otherwise.    E-mail if interested.



Initiating some new Dress Shoes

This set of pics show WT soaking a new pair of Allen Edmonds cap toe calfskin dress shoes.

ids01s.jpg        ids03s.jpg    ids04s.jpg    ids05s.jpg

ids06s.jpg        ids08s.jpg    ids09s.jpg    ids10s.jpg

ids11s.jpg    ids12s.jpg    ids13s.jpg    ids14s.jpg    ids15s.jpg

ids16s.jpg    ids17s.jpg    ids18s.jpg    ids19s.jpg    pids20s.jpg

ids21s.jpg    ids22s.jpg    ids23s.jpg

Those soaked Doc Martins!

WT strolled through a stream totally soaking his 10-Eye Doc Martens and Levis 501 STF's.  Squish   Squelch!

dm1s.jpg    dm2s.jpg    dm3s.jpg    dm4s.jpg    dm5s.jpg

dm6s.jpg    dm7s.jpg    dm8s.jpg    dm9s.jpg    dm10s.jpg

dm11s.jpg    dm12s.jpg    dm13s.jpg    dm14s.jpg

Section II by RT

RT Washes out his Combat Boots

rtc1s.jpg    rtc2s.jpg    

RT's Dexter Tassle Loafers in the tub

rtd1s.jpg    rtd2s.jpg    rtd3s.jpg

RT's Dingo Boots in the Shower

rtdi1s.jpg    rtdi2s.jpg    rtdi3s.jpg    rtdi4s.jpg    rtdi5s.jpg

RT's Giorgio Brutini Loafers getting a bath

rtg1s.jpg    rtg2s.jpg    rtg3s.jpg    rtg4s.jpg

RT's Weejuns in the tub

rtw1s.jpg    rtw2s.jpg    rtw3s.jpg    

Section III by Wetgreg (

wg1s.jpg    wg2s.jpg    wg3s.jpg    wg4s.jpg    wg5s.jpg

wg6s.jpg    wg7s.jpg    wg8s.jpg    wg9s.jpg    wg10s.jpg

wg11s.jpg    wg12s.jpg    wg13s.jpg    wg14s.jpg    wg15s.jpg

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