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We will gladly pay the cost of return postage (or postage due) for both domestic & international mail!  Please include a  return address if you want your photos returned after we scan them as well as instructions on introducing your photo gallery.  Your pesonal information will be kept absolutely confidential!!!  If you don't have any photos but still want to help out then PLEASE consider donating any amount of your choice by the secure and private paypal link below.  ALL donations will go towards the upkeep of this site.  Thanks!.

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Sunday May 4th, 2008 A.D.
After much hassle with a flooded home, water damange and FINALLY an insurance company payout, and a new computer, we can (hopefully) get down to the business of wet clothes.  
1. Uploaded Suitplayer's wet business-suit web collection (286 photos).  Some photos courtesy of Poolbuddy.
2. Welcome Charlie, a fellow wet clothes lover in Spain (Espana).
3. Created a web gallery and a buddy list entry for Riverratt in Seattle, Washington.
4. Added Tim (New York) to the Wet Buddy Contact Page.
5. Updated PW's page with additional new pics.
6. Welcome back Crystal and your wet Business Suit Gallery.
7. Renamed Jan Dark's album to Anzug5000's Soaking Wet Suit & Tie Page.
8.  Thanks, Wes, for the Turistas movie screencaps.

Wednesday January 16th, 2008 A.D.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  More updates are pending and (hopefully) will be up soon!!!

1.  Added Empapado's photo album containing 20 self wet clothed shower photos - Welcome! :-)
2.  Marek has updated his album with 16 brand new wet clothed pictures - Thank you, Marek! :-)
3.  Welcome Kevin (in Los Angeles) to the Wet Buddy Contact List Page.
4.  Added "Wet Bollywood Music Videos" - a new Youtube group to the "Other Wet Clothed websites" page.

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